A dialectical behavior therapy program is a popular form of an addiction therapy program for individuals who have psychological disorders, most notably those who exhibit bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and suicidal tendencies. This type of therapy has branched out to other related fields, with experts now employing dialectical behavior therapy for drug addicts or those with substance abuse issues. It works by promoting abstinence and reducing the potential for relapse. This type of treatment has also been successful as an alternative to standard medical practices such as individual therapy and group therapy.

The idea behind dialectical behavior therapy for addiction at The Detox Center is primarily focused on the fact that individuals are more prone to respond to certain emotional situations, emphasizing romantic and family bonds. The levels of arousal in cases can affect or stimulate an individual. This can lead to behaviors that can be harmful to the patient and the people surrounding them. As opposed to traditional approaches that seek to address and correct the negative behavior, dialectical behavior therapy for addiction encourages patients to accept and tolerate situations that can cause stress and manage their thoughts and feelings that trigger negative thinking.

What Happens During a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program?

woman at a dialectical behavior therapy programLike other forms of therapy, dialectical behavior therapy is a type of psychotherapy based on a cognitive-behavioral approach. It effectively addresses problem areas, such as drug addiction issues. DBT at a Boca Raton detox center considers the combination of influences derived from the patient’s psychological factors and the social environment.

The therapist takes full command and responsibility for the recovery process of the patient. They are charged with dealing with several psychological and social areas that include:

  • Discussing motivational factors that require a change
  • Highlighting the patient’s strengths
  • Practicing new and positive behaviors
  • Addressing social and environmental factors
  • Structuring relationships with family and friends
  • Teaching the patient to accept and tolerate change and stressful situations

The therapist often uses the first session to get to know the patient’s emotional and mental state. They also ask about problem areas and social history. The therapist then categorizes the important issues based on the risk or degree of danger. These categories include imminently life-threatening behavior, behaviors that may affect the continuity of therapy sessions, behaviors that significantly affect the patient’s lifestyle, and other problem areas.

Typically, a dialectical behavior therapy program in a drug detox center program entails weekly individual therapy sessions and bi-monthly group therapy sessions, averaging around an hour per session. Depending on your clinic or hospital, supplemental therapy activities may be done through phone consultations and daily journaling. 

Benefits of a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Program

Through cognitive-based approaches, and a collaborative atmosphere of support and trust, the therapist can engage with the patient. They address not just the behavior but also the causes of the behavior. In a dialectical behavior therapy program that seeks to address drug abuse, the therapist has several specific treatment goals that include:

  • Managing discomfort and pain as a result of withdrawal
  • Finding practical approaches to reduce cravings or urges to use drugs
  • Identifying psychological and sociological triggers to avoid
  • Creating an atmosphere of trust and confidence
  • Providing detailed information for recovery and steps to ensure a drug-free lifestyle

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There is always resistance when seeking external help when you have issues as sensitive as drug abuse and addiction. However, it would be extremely beneficial to commit to becoming a better person. Living life drug-free takes away the stress and risks involved in using drugs and places you on a path to success. Our team of experts is ready to help you make your life better. Take your life back by enrolling in a dialectical behavior therapy program. Book an appointment online or contact The Detox Center at 561.264.5881 today for details of DBT in Florida!