Dealing with any addiction is a challenging process. When one faces thoughts that steer us from successful recovery, a necessary component to a residential treatment program is to address these negative patterns. A cognitive-behavioral therapy program (CBT) concentrates on changing the ways that negative thinking can impact your life and physical health. 

So What Exactly Is a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Program?

man at a cognitive-behavioral therapy programCBT is a program developed in the 1960s by Dr. Aaron T Beck. It aims to stop people suffering from addiction from experiencing a relapse. Though it was originally a program designed to treat addiction, CBT has also been administered to treat mental health disorders such as depression, phobias, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

CBT employs cognitive theories that focus on how patients think, feel, and understand themselves through the people and conditions that surround them. So CBT considers what they see, feel, and hear. In this way, this type of ‘talk therapy’ also uses behaviorism principles that highlight how to modify one’s behavior.

Throughout the program at a drug detox center, the mental health expert’s primary aim is to assist patients in recognizing negative thoughts that are based on their false beliefs about fear and self-doubt and immediate reaction or impulses from internalized feelings. These painful experiences can cause someone to turn to alcohol or drug abuse.

CBT is an effective addiction therapy program because substance abuse is a pattern behavior that is in conflict with what a person naturally wants to do. And though patients attempting to overcome substance abuse say that they wish to change their destructive behaviors, it can be extremely difficult to achieve this aim.

How Can CBT Help?

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can assist patients in identifying the challenges they face through a structured process requiring only a few sessions. This holistic treatment program is helpful for anyone looking to address emotional challenges. CBT in Florida uses valuable techniques to cope with difficult life situations, to deal with loss or grief, and to prevent relapse.

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program can also assist in other areas of need that include:

  • Dealing with abuse or trauma
  • Addressing mental illness without the use of medication
  • Resolving relationship conflict
  • Managing your emotions
  • Facilitating effective communication
  • Treating pain and physical symptoms

How CBT Works

CBT in Florida is made up of two components. The first part involves a functional analysis whereby a person explores situations that have given rise to their condition. Users get a detailed look into their past. This step is not about shame but rather to teach patients methods of disrupting their destructive patterns.

After cognitive-behavioral therapy for addiction has identified reasons behind their condition, skills training begins. For this step, patients develop effective ways of dealing with issues leading to their addiction. Among the potential techniques employed include assertiveness, stress management, and relaxation.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for addiction also focuses on teaching patients the negative consequences of using alcohol or drugs. Then, the detox center program teaches ways that the patient can monitor themselves, so they are better able to handle cravings. These medical experts also help patients avoid high-risk environments and identify triggers that may result in a relapse.

 What Can You Expect During a CBT Session?

A cognitive-behavioral therapy program starts by determining what the patient wants to work on. Generally, the medical expert will lead an in-depth discussion surrounding the patient’s past and current physical and emotional health. A CBT session will also include an examination of prior medication treatment and therapies that a patient has tried and how it helped their condition.

The Detox Center Offers CBT

It is important to feel relaxed and comfortable during your cognitive-behavioral therapy program. And it can be difficult to choose the best medical facility for your needs. The Detox Center makes sure that patients get a good match that will help maximize the effectiveness of CBT treatment. Call the Detox Center today at 561.264.5881 to schedule your appointment.